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Join us at our new CSA pick-up site in San Carlos this May-Nov.! Located in the heart of downtown on Laurel St. just off of El Camino Real.

What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” Customers invest in the farm by committing to buy a weekly box of produce for a season early in the year. Our CSA model here at Fifth Crow is that of a single-farm CSA; meaning we grow 100% of the food included in every share. Everything we produce, including our pastured eggs and flowers, is Certified Organic by CCOF. We are also Certified Bee Friendly and Animal Welfare Approved. The benefits for the farm and members are many:

  • Eat healthier
  • Try new things you might not otherwise
  • Build real community with your farmer and neighbors
  • Enjoy learning about your food and where it’s coming from
  • Get fresher and higher quality food than you would at a grocery store!
  • Keep your hard earned dollars in your hyper-local community

Committed CSA members provide us with guaranteed income and help us pay for expenses early in the season when cash is tight. It also means we can harvest just what’s needed, which translates into less waste.

In addition, the longer term commitment between farmer and customer leads to a more personal relationship and greater community building, both between producer and eater, as well as between CSA members who share an interest in sustainable agriculture and good food.

Want to preserve the beauty of San Mateo’s Coastside? You can do it one bite at a time by forging a connection between your family and our sustainable, organic farm. 

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Perks of being a CSA member!

  • Save money (we value CSA produce at a discount from our market prices)
  • Get first priority to receiving our eggs and flower bouquets by adding them on to your produce share
  • Taste specialty produce that may never be available at our farmers’ market stall or seen in grocery stores i.e. heirloom apple varieties
  • Discount prices for attending special on-farm events including you-pick berries & apple cider pressing
  • Receive a weekly newsletter that includes fun facts about your food, preparation ideas and tips, farm happenings, and shared photos & recipes from fellow CSA members
  • Exclusive seasonal offers through our CSA webstand
  • Access to our wholesale availability list and prices for extra purchases for a special event or simply because your family loves to have a refrigerator full of veggies!


What’s in Fifth Crow’s regular season (May-Nov.) CSA box ? **(registration 2019 open!)

As a CSA member you will receive a minimum $28 value box of produce however, the value often exceeds that.  The season runs for 27 weeks starting the end of May with the first deliveries being on Sat. May 25th, Sun. May 26th, Wed. May 29th & Thursday May 30th (depending which pick-up location you choose) and ending the week of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Thursday delivery will occur on the Tuesday prior to the holiday, Nov. 26th).

Early registration discount for returning members ends March 1, 2019

Weight varies, but in general it is enough to fill two grocery bags. 

You can opt to add a weekly dozen, 1 1/2 dozen, or 1/2 dozen eggs, a bouquet of flowers each week and subscribe for honey, meat, and homemade herbal remedies from our three partner farms (read on for details).

Each box includes 6 – 10 items, rotating within following categories:

  1. Baby head lettuce (varieties vary)
  2. A root crop (carrots, beets, turnips, radishes)
  3. A bag of pre-washed baby greens (baby arugula, baby kale, spring salad mix, mesclun salad mix, or spinach)
  4. Bunching greens (kales, chard, collards)
  5. A brassica (broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage)
  6. An allium (leeks, onions, shallots, spring onions, chives)
  7. Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, and from July-November apples from our 27-variety heirloom orchard, and pears when possible).
  8. An herb (dill, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, etc.)
  9. PLUS another 1 – 3 seasonal items: summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, baby artichokes, poblano or sweet peppers, green beans, cucumbers, and more…!
  10. You will also receive a pound of our heirloom dry beans monthly (7 bags total)

What’s in Fifth Crow’s winter season (Jan.-April) CSA box ? **(registration 2019 closed)

As a winter CSA member you will receive a minimum $26 value box of produce each week for 14 weeks. The season starts Thursday January 17th and ends on Thursday April 18th.

Each box includes 6 – 8 items, rotating though our winter crops in the following categories:

  1. Baby head lettuce
  2. A root crop (carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, or radishes)
  3. A bunching green (dino, red, or white russian kale, collards, or rainbow swiss chard)
  4. A bag of pre-washed baby greens (baby arugula, baby kale, mesclun salad mix, or spinach)
  5. A brassica (broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, or cabbage)
  6. A seasonal winter crop (winter squash, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, raabs, storage onions, baby artichokes, or leeks)
  7. An herb (thyme, oregano, sage, etc.)
  8. You will also receive 1-pound bags of our heirloom dry beans each month (4 bags total)

How much does it cost?

A produce share is $756 for 27 weeks of delivery from May-Nov. & $364 for 14 weeks of delivery from Jan-April.

Sorry, we do not do partial shares, but you can split a share with as many people as you want.  Every year we have members who either divvy up weekly boxes or alternate weeks picking up a share with a friend or neighbor.

Optional Fifth Crow Farm add-ons:

Full season eggs (27 weeks)*: A dozen eggs is $324 ($12/week). A share of 1 1/2 dozen is $486 ($18/week). A half dozen is $162 ($6/week).

*We have a limited amount of full season egg shares.

June-August eggs (14 weeks): A dozen eggs is $168 ($12/week). A share of 1 1/2 dozen is $252 ($18/week). A half dozen is $84 ($6/week).

**Eggs not available in the winter**

Flower bouquets: A May-Nov. flower share is $300 ($15/week for 20 weeks from beginning of June- mid-October) or $165 for the winter share ($15/week for 11 weeks from Feb.- mid-April).

Optional add-ons from our Partner Farms include Honey, Beef, Lamb, Pork, & Chicken, and Herbal Remedies:

*Add-on products from our Partner Farms are not Certified Organic.

We have a partnership with ranchers, an apiarist, and local herb growers to deliver other local, sustainable, and humanely raised products to your CSA pick up location. Robert MacKimmie of City Bees provides honey, Markegard Family Grass-Fed raises grass-fed beef, pork, and lamb, and Lauren & Finn of Steadfast Herbs grow and hand-make herbal medicines for your home apothecary. We offer the option for you to subscribe to receive product from these other farms along with your Fifth Crow registration.


City Bees

Take a tasting tour of the Bay by trying a different honey each month. City Bees of San Francisco offers one-of-a-kind micro climate honeys from around the Bay (including hives in Fifth Crows’ apple orchard & cane berry field) where hills, valleys and their proximity to summer fog are as varied as the diversity of plants. This bounty of blossoming nectar sources creates rich and distinctive flavors of honey. City Bees’ hives are cared for using only organic methods to maintain colony health and vigor.



Markegard Family Grass-Fed

Make a commitment of $300 for the entire year to be used as credit toward all of our meat offerings. You can use your credit anytime throughout the year. Your orders can be picked up along with your Fifth Crow CSA box. By making the commitment to the meat CSA you will have access to promotions, discounts and specialty items. You will be able to choose from all of the cuts of grass-fed lamb, grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork. To sign up for the Winter 2019 meat share please go to www.markegardfamily.com


Steadfast Herbs

Stay balanced and healthier throughout the year, learn about plant medicine, and build a home apothecary!  At Steadfast Herbs, we grow and make our own herbal medicines right down the road from Fifth Crow Farm at Root Down Farm in Pescadero to provide preventative and holistic care.  Your herbal share will be delivered along with your CSA produce once a month and will include tinctures, teas, salves and more along with information about the medicinal properties and uses of each remedy.


Where do I pick up my weekly box?

The map below has each of our sites listed. Click on a site in the list, or a truck icon on the map for details on that site’s day, time and location. Click on the full screen icon in the top right to easily get directions to any site. (Out of our delivery area? Read below about ordering through Good Eggs!)

Wednesday pick-up options (not available for the winter season):  Castro (SF) Farmers’ Market 4pm – 8pm

Thursday pick-up options (some not available for winter): Hillsborough, San Carlos, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo, two sites in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Cruz Westside, and at the farm in Pescadero (on farm pickups will automatically receive a $60 discount for the May-Nov. season & a $20 discount for the winter season). Pick up hours are 3pm – 8pm for most sites.

Saturday pick-up options (not available for the winter season):  San Mateo Farmers’ Market

Sunday pick-up options (not available for the winter season): Inner Sunset (SF) Farmers’ Market 9am – 1pm, Campbell Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm, and Palo Alto Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm.

If there isn’t a site in your neighborhood, think about hosting. We need a minimum of 8 – 10 people to add your site as a delivery/pick-up location. Site hosts receive $200 off their May-Nov. season share & $100 off to host in the winter. If you can find 25 people or more to pick-up at your site you get an even larger discount (nearly a free share)!



Order our CSA shares through Good Eggs:

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Good Eggs to expand the range of where our CSA shares can be delivered from May-Nov.! Good Eggs is able to serve most homes in the Bay Area and throughout the peninsula. You can confirm whether this includes you by entering your zip code on their website. Good Eggs will delivery your CSA share directly to your home for a $10 delivery fee. However if you’d like to purchase additional items from Fifth Crow or other great local food producers the fee is waived for any order above $60. Please note that we currently are only able to provide Good Eggs delivery of CSA shares on Thursdays and Good Eggs must receive all orders by the previous Monday at midnight. If you’re interested we strongly encourage you to go put in your order now (and consider subscribing!).

Use the link producer.goodeggs.com/fifthcrow to be guided directly to our Good Eggs Fifth Crow Farm page where you will automatically receive a $20 credit towards your first order (not available if you are already a Good Eggs customer). First, you have to select the day you’re shopping for (Thursday delivery) on the top right. Then you can select the CSA share to be placed in your basket and you will also be able to purchase additional Fifth Crow Farm goodies to be delivered along with your CSA. You can place a one-time CSA order, though if you’d like to ensure you get our CSA box every week we strongly encourage you to make it a subscription.

Note: Good Eggs CSA shares vary from our direct farm memberships both in cost and contents and our CSA add-ons (eggs, flowers, meat, honey, & herbal remedies are not offered).


What if I take a vacation?

In order to consistently grow the produce for our customers we have to plan months in advance. For this reason (and the complicated logistics), we do not refund boxes while you are on vacation.

Your options are:

1. Find a neighbor or friend who will pick up your box in your stead (makes a great bonus for your house-sitter).

2. Give us a full week’s notice and you can cancel a box and pick up two boxes at a later date (catch is you need to provide us with that date at the time you cancel the box)

3.  With a full week’s notice we will donate your box to a local non-profit.

4. If you know your vacation dates at the time of registration, you can give us the dates and we will prorate your invoice accordingly. We allow up to 9 weeks to be prorated for the May-Nov. season and up to 3 weeks for the winter season. We must know the dates before payment is made and cannot change dates later.  At the end of the online registration there will be a place to list those dates.  You must then select the “Pay Offline via Invoice” payment option so we can manually adjust your invoice.  We will e-mail you with your updated balance and payment instructions.

What is the pick-up etiquette?

Each pick-up site has specific hours for pick up. Farmers’ Market pick-ups happen during market hours. Private site hours vary depending on the specific host but most pick-up hours are 3pm to 8pm.  The site hosts are volunteers and are not paid. Please respect the hosts and only pick up during specified times. They are not required to make special accommodations if you can’t pick up your box or forget. Boxes that are not picked up during pick-up hours will not be available or held for later.

What are the advantages of a CSA over shopping at a farmers’ market?

  • You’ll develop a closer connection with where your food is coming from (true trace-ability), and an opportunity to come see the farm and learn more about how food is grown organically, it’s challenges, seasonality etc. It’s a great learning opportunity, especially for kids.
  • It’s an opportunity (to some a challenge) to try foods beyond what you may be familiar with. It’s also a great way to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and change your diet in a healthy way.
  • You get freshly harvested produce delivered somewhere close to you without the need to go shop for it.
  • It’s a great community building mechanism: meet other like-minded people in your own neighborhood as well as build personal relationships with us- the people growing your food.
  • By choosing to be a Fifth Crow CSA member, you are making a commitment to help support a small, sustainable, local business that feeds, clothes, and houses 30+ farmers and their families.

Is this right for me?

A CSA can be a wonderful learning experience, but is it right for you? Before committing you should consider the following: Am I willing to try new things? Do I mind not being able to choose the items that go into my box every week? Can I use 6 – 10 vegetable items a week? Can I commit to picking up my weekly share during the pre-determined time?

If a CSA share isn’t right for you, there are still ways to support a local farm. Come to the farmers’ market! Choose locally produced food over imported items at your grocery store. Support organizations that help out small farms like CAFF, OFRF, and Wild Farm Alliance and teach your kids about where their food comes from!

Can I visit the farm?

We encourage and welcome your visits to the farm. We hold an annual farm Open House which is a great time to meet us, see the farm, and meet fellow CSA members and Fifth Crow customers.




Please feel free to email our CSA Coordinator, Casey, at [email protected] for more information.