V-Day at Fifth Crow on February 26th!  San Mateo County and Puente came through this past week for the Agricultural Worker community 🙂  We all got our first doses of Covid-19 Vaccine.  Such a huge relief.  We are sooo grateful to all who’ve been advocating on our behalf.

What else is happening?  The 3 of 4 of the Fifth Crow kids had Birthdays.  Ellie (our daughter) is now 4, Charlie (Mike & I’s son) and Naima (John and Maggi’s daughter) who were born on the same day, just turned 6!  Hard to believe… 

We’re looking for a pack out manager, so if you know someone who might fit the bill, send them our way.

In the field:

Ranunuculanza is on!! Our high tunnel grown flowers are filling the walk in coolers and trucks.  Also, this dry weather has us starting to till in cover crop and prep ground… still hoping for some more rain (we desperately need it), but we’ll “make hay while the sun shines” as they say. The tractor team has started to turn in ground to start our season a little early while the ground is still nice and moist. The greenhouse is full to bursting and we’ve started moving the less tender plants outdoors to harden off.  Feels like Spring!