We are currently accepting applications for the positions below. 

Farmers’ Market Sales Manager

This position is a year-round staff position that is a minimum of 25 hours a week, but could be full time if combined with other responsibilities depending on the desire and experience of the applicant. 

Pay: Commensurate with experience ($20-$30/hr). If working full time, we offer Health Insurance, Optional Dental, 1 week paid vacation, 1 week Paid Time off.  Possibility for longer unpaid leave during the Winter. Up to 5 days paid sick leave.  Potential stipend for housing or commuting more than 30 miles if living off-site.

The Farmers’ Market Sales Manager works closely with farm owners, and a team of managers to oversee and ensure the smooth running and maximize the sales potential of our 5-6 weekly Farmers’ Markets.  This includes everything from paperwork compliance and record keeping to staffing and overseeing market equipment and gear.

The Ideal Candidate is well versed in organic agricultural practices and has the capacity to communicate with enthusiasm about a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Must be comfortable supervising small teams of diverse folks.  This position is ideal for someone who is organized, can self manage, has a passion for food and farming, loves improving efficiency and systems, and can handle annoying customers with grace.   Do you nerd out on sign-making & social media, but also enjoy the physicality of the hustle and bustle of working farmers’ markets?  This job may be for you.

Qualifications: Candidates must have two or more years experience working in agriculture and/or sales.  Must have applicable farmers’ market experience.  Management experience also a must.  Must be able to drive a box truck, work one to two 10 hour market days per week, and lift 40-50lbs repetitively.  This job is very physically demanding, requiring lifting & pulling heavy crates of produce and equipment as well as standing for long periods of time. Must be able to handle a dynamic & fast paced work environment.

Applications accepted until the position is filled.

To apply please send a resume, including two references, and a cover letter that includes responses to the following questions to [email protected] 

  1. Thoroughly describe your previous applicable experience (name, type of farm, your responsibilities).
  2. What is your experience in sales? Management? Farmers’ Markets specifically?
  3. Why are you interested in this position?
Full-time Tractor Operator

This is a full time position from 40-50 hours per week, Tuesdays-Saturdays or Wednesdays- Sundays. 

Pay: Commensurate with experience, $18-24/hour($35-50K annually), + health insurance and dental option, 1 week paid vacation, 1 week Paid Time off.  Possibility for longer unpaid leave during the Winter. Up to 5 days paid sick leave.  Pay reviewed at least annually based on performance.  Commuting and housing stipends may be available for employees who live off site.

The Tractor Operator position works closely with the farm owners and a small team of seasoned operators to manage 75+ acres of field production, from primary tillage to harvest, for a wide diversity of crops.  This is a unique opportunity to gain further experience with the function and utilization of various tractors and implements on a mid-size farm scale by working alongside experienced farmers.  Applicants must also be willing to drive to and lead a weekend farmers market.  

Qualifications: This position requires at least one year experience operating a range of equipment on a row-crop farm.  Must have at least some basic experience with the care of mechanical equipment.  Mechanical servicing skills and metalworking are a plus.  Good communication skills and ability to self-motivate, self-manage and multi-task are critical.  Experience in customer service and farmers’ market sales as well as basic Spanish is a plus. We are looking for someone interested in a multiple year commitment, but will consider other applicants with sufficient and applicable previous experience. *Must be able to lift 50+ lbs. and perform repetitive tasks as well as work alone for extended periods.

Applications accepted until the position is filled. 

To apply please send a resume, including two references, and a cover letter to Mike Irving- [email protected]

Please visit our website [] to learn more about our operation.

Seasonal Field Production Crew/Marketeer

 40-50 hours per week, Tuesdays-Saturdays or Wednesdays- Sundays starting March, lasting through the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 

This position is the closest we have to a paid internship.  Under the direct supervision of our Managerial Team (Crew Leader, Pack Out Manager, and CSA Manager), the Field Crew aid in various aspects of field production and sales from sowing, weeding, transplanting, and harvesting, to selling at farmers’ markets, packing boxes for a 700 subscriber CSA, and assembling restaurant and wholesale orders.  This is a great opportunity for someone with a demonstrated passion and interest in organic veggie production, but who doesn’t have enough experience to manage or start their own operation. Opportunity for long term employment and advancement possible.

Pay: $17.06/hour with annual reviews of performance for raises.  Full time employees accrue up to 5 days paid sick leave per year and 1 week paid vacation. Health & optional dental benefits also included.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, a team player, quick learner, good work ethic, has a passion for food and farming and enthusiasm to learn.  Must be willing to work outdoors in inclement weather, and do repetitive tasks. This is a very physically demanding job that requires the ability to bend over for extended periods, stand, walk long distances and be able to repetitively lift 40-50lbs.

Qualifications: This job is physical.  Candidates must be able to perform repetitive tasks like hoeing, shoveling, leaning over, walking long distances, lifting 40-50lbs etc.. Some previous farming experience a must. Good communication skills, customer service experience/farmers’ market experience, basic Spanish, and experience driving a box truck a plus.  Positions will be filled as soon as the suitable candidate is found.  Applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and two references to: [email protected]