What to report this week? 

We’re planting our first round of outdoor dahlias, hopefully sowing carrots and salad greens, and beets before the predicted rain this Thursday.   … And we’ve been getting ready to welcome Henri’s helpers this week. Our Livestock Guardian Dog, Henri, who takes care of our chickens, is now around 11 or 12.  He was a rescue so we’re not sure his exact age, but that’s pretty old for a Pyrenees. Anyways, we have been getting ready to go pick up 2 Livestock Guardian puppies that will be helping him in his elder age from a ranch in Coulterville.  But, after setting that up we got a call about a rescued Pyrenees, Anatolian, and Komodor mix who just really wasn’t happy living as a city pet.  His name is Phil and he just arrived this afternoon.  We’ll see how it goes, but perhaps we’ll only be picking  up one puppy on our trip to the Sierra Foothills instead of two.  Cross your fingers he likes it here 😉 Why more than one, well even though Henri managed on his own, it’s generally agreed upon that Livestock Guardian Dogs are safer as a team than by themselves and can do a better job protecting their charges.  We want Phil to have an able-bodied buddy to help him protect the chickens and Henri eventually.  Hopefully Henri can help show them the ropes before he gets to old to do so.