Seasonal Field Production Crew: 3 positions available in 2014.

The letter of the law makes farm apprenticeships (as they currently are) illegal.  In light of this, we are attempting to straddle the need to stay within the letter of the law, but still help aspiring farmers to gain valuable skills.  We believe that the apprenticeship/internship is a critical component of growing new farmers, one which all three of us benefited from, and we are committed to providing such experiences for others. Each season we hire 3 full-time farm field crew members.  We pay minimum wage and expect those hired to treat their work hours as a job.  On the job training and learning through doing is combined with pure learning experiences available during non-work hours.  These positions are only available to applicants who have demonstrated a desire to pursue a career in sustainable ag and we require a full season on a farm as a prerequisite.

April 16 – November 16

Positions are full time & pay minimum wage.  Work is diverse, though the greatest number of hours is spent harvesting. Responsibilities include greenhouse production & field crop management, weeding, poultry/pig care, Farmers’ Market sales, and produce delivery. We supply a kitchen stocked with basics (oil, rice, beans, etc. & all the farm produce you can eat), as well as laundry facilities & wireless internet.

Although the crew members are paid seasonal employees rather than interns, we are committed to providing rich optional educational opportunities outside of work hours.  For this reason we are part of a group of more than 8 local farms (*Central Coast CRAFT) collectively providing further educational & community building opportunities for our interns/apprentices & employees. This position is ideal for someone who has already interned, but wants more experience and exposure to other farms before starting his/her own operation.

Qualifications: Applicants must be able to commit full-time (40-50 hrs/wk) Tues.-Sat. from mid-April thru the second full week of mid-November. Occasional weekend chore responsibilities required. Applicants must have a season’s experience nce on a working farm, have a clean driving record, and his/her own transportation (the closest big town is a ½ hr drive).  This position

is best suited for applicants with a serious interest in a career in sustainable ag.  Spanish language skills are a plus.  Must also be able to lift 50 pounds & do repetitive tasks, be willing to live/work in community, & have a desire to work long hours and share in the fruits… and vegetables of our labors.

Applications accepted through January 30, or until positions are filled.

Please send your resume, two references, and responses to the following questions to [email protected] or P.O. Box 527, Pescadero, CA 94060

1. Thoroughly describe your previous farming experience (name, type of farm, your responsibilities).

2. Why are you interested in this position?

3. What is your experience living in community?

4. We share a crew lunch as well as cooking responsibilities on work days.  How do you feel about this?  Do you have food and/or dietary restrictions?