Forono Beets

We currently grow three varieties of beets: red, golden and forono cylindrical. Red and golden beets are best roasted or broiled, and must be peeled before eating. Golden beets are a little sweeter and less earthy than red. Beet greens can be eaten and taste very similar to swiss chard.  If you don’t think you’ll eat the beets right away, cut the tops off and bag the tops and beets separately in your fridge. Beets will keep for months refrigerated with the tops off.

Forono cylindrical are the coveted, deep red, Italian heirloom that grows long and slender. They have an extra-earthy and sweet flavor and are easy to peel. Only a small part of the root grows under ground so we have no problem knowing when it’s time to harvest these. You’ll also find they’re nice to work with in salads because you can easily slice them up uniformly. Forono beets have very pretty, delicious and nutritious greens with red veins that are a little more delicate than red and golden beet greens.

Golden Beets

Annora grinning with some monster just-picked golden beets

Cylindrical beets vertical

Forono beets posing for their closeup.


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November 30, 2013