Emily Leshner, Flower Production Manager

Dear Fifth Crow Farm CSA Members,

This is Emily, manager of the Fifth Crow Flower operation, here to update you about what’s going on in Flower Land.

Things are starting to ramp up here, we are harvesting heaps of our early summer flower stars such as snapdragons, sunflowers, stock, bachelor buttons, alstromeria, sweet peas, lilies, larkspur and lots of poppies.

Here is a photo of Elle in our van filled with flowers from a recent Friday morning harvest and a photo of one of our dreamiest spring bouquets. Showcasing a few of the flowers mentioned above it was inspired by a chilly, super foggy day last week.

For me summer doesn’t really start until we have dahlias, the true star of summer. We are still patiently waiting for the dahlias which were planted slightly later than usual because of those pesky, late spring rains. We are going to have lots in the fields in just a couple of weeks. Once the dahlias come on it’s goodbye everything else, all we’ll have time for is harvesting and arranging, but what a beautiful, beautiful time it is.

I also wanted to officially introduce you to the 2017 crew. From left to right, Porforio, Me (Emily), Maddie, and Elle.

Whatever preconceptions you have about flower farming you should know it is hard work! We are typically the last ones off the farm, working 10-11 hours most days. Although to many people it seems easy to design and make a bouquet it is actually a lot of work growing and harvesting enough flowers for 215 bouquets a week (and those are just our spring/early summer numbers!). I couldn’t do it without Porforio, Elle, Maddie, and of course our two cheerleaders Banks and Nellie (the resident farm dogs), who lovingly follow us around and remind us when its time to go. Nellie will often remind us around 6:30, pawing our legs until we pay attention, reminding us that work is over and its time to play (see photo).

All right, time to go load the flowers into the trucks and make a few more bouquets. Thank you to all the CSA flower share members for supporting our organic, bee-friendly flowers!

I want to remind all you non-flower share members that it isn’t too late to sign up, or if you ever just want a bouquet for a special occasion email me at [email protected] and you can get your flowers delivered with your CSA box!

All the best,