Teresa Kurtak, owner

Hi Everyone,  sorry for the short newsletter this week.  Casey, come home!  With Casey gone, we’re scrambling a bit and I ran out of daylight to get this done and to you weekend members in a timely manner.

What’s happening.  Well, we’re about a month behind which keeps making me think that it’s June, when in fact it’s already mid-July.  Crops we normally would’ve been harvesting for weeks are just coming on now.  But it is finally starting to feel like summer.  Cukes are on, we just picked the first peppers out of our high tunnels,  the tomato plants are weighed down with large green fruit 🙂  blackberries are just starting to turn and I’ve eaten a couple ripe ones, and…. our first apples are almost ready in the orchard.  Hopefully there will be enough ‘Pristine’ apples to put in your boxes next week

John, Mike, and I have been so busy we haven’t managed to have a business meeting since early May!  But, within the next week we need to plan out all our overwintered crops for this Winter and next Spring.  It’s that time again.  Always such a trip that just as we are starting to harvest summer crops we need to rush and make sure we don’t miss our chance to have overwintered crops.  It’s a race to beat the shortening days when plants don’t have enough daylight to grow.

Anyhow,  if we manage to write a bit more for this week we’ll send you an addendum to this newsletter.  Have a great week and Bon Appetit!