Luke Estrella- Farmers Market Lead, CSA Delivery Driver, & lover of all things organic

They’re red, juicy and sweet. What’s there not to like about the sweetest vegetable in the fields? With flavors unlike any other vegetable, beets stand alone. Their sweet earthy flavors are well complimented by savory and bitter flavors. They’re a great winter vegetable as well as a wonderful summer treat. I wanted to write about how amazing the strawberries have been all summer but the beets in my stomach helped me to decide otherwise. Often people are turned away from eating beets because they seem tough and may have flavors relating to dirt. Well, I love dirt and if the dirt helps the flavor in this veggie than let the dirt do its magic. As the summer passes and the fall becomes, the beets only get better. As the colder temps creep into the evenings the beets get sweeter. One of the best parts of the beets in the summer are the greens. With colors of dark greens and reds, the beet greens offer delicate yet salty flavors and sufficient amounts of nutrients. Great sauteed, stir-fried and also added to soups. They add rich flavor to any dish. Similar to spinach but much tastier. Beets are always a great purchase. It’s like a two for one deal… the roots are delicious and the greens are nutritious!

Over the last three years I have had many friends over for dinner all of which eat many different foods. More than often, they would ask “What is that funny vegetable that tastes soo good in the roasted veggies?” “It’s gold, no it’s red, it’s buttery, earthy and sweet!” I always answer ” They’re BEETS and its whats for dinner!”

-Luke E.