Our apple trees got thinned and the fruits are sizing up nicely in the orchard. All across the state last winter fruit trees were struggling to set fruit. This was due to an unusually warm winter and the trees becoming confused on when to come out of dormancy. Our pears are still recovering from that previous winter and any fruit we will get off the tress this fall we will be offering to the CSA first before any pears go to markets. Lucky us!!

Other updates- We are on Instagram!! If you haven’t started following us yet, you should! @fifthcrowfarm invites you in to our daily activities around the farm, fun pics of the little baby crows growing up so fast, and sometimes you may even get a sneak peak into the next weeks CSA box! @fifthcrowfarmflowers tells our story of our flower ladies and you’ll see all the love and care they give to growing our gorgeous bee friendly organic flowers.