Her name is Eleanor Joyce, born Thursday Feb. 23rd. 7 lbs. 15oz. & 20 in. tall. Both mom and baby are doing great and they were back home by 4:00pm on Friday!!

Mike and Teresa went zooming outta the farm around 1:30pm on Thursday afternoon and she was born by 4:30pm! Mike hurriedly flew into the office to let us know Teresa was in labor but we knew what was up when we heard the car zooming down the road from the yurt. I had just been with Teresa that morning and she was more than ready for her little girl to come. Teresa is by far one of the strongest and most driven woman I’ve met. She told me she was going to go walk up a hill on the fire road down the street from the farm after we finished talking. I asked if she was going with someone and she said no but that her cell actually works well there. Gotta say I wasn’t stoked she was headed out alone but I trust Teresa. After about an hour of her car not returning I asked Mike how he felt about her solo walks these days and he not only didn’t like it but he wasn’t aware she had left the farm. He checked in with her immediately and within an hour of her return home she went into labor!

We are so happy the baby decided to come on her own. It was planned that Thursday evening Teresa would call the birthing center and if there was a bed available they were to go in and start the induction process. Teresa was hoping to avoid having to go that route. She had had to induce with Charlie and ended up being in labor for over 40 hours with the need for an epidural. Teresa is very happy to have been able to experience an all natural birth. There is a lot of love around here right now!