Thank you to everyone who came out for our Field Day this last Saturday! It was really awesome to see all the young children so excited to be on a farm, appreciating healthy food, and teaching us about their own back yard veggie gardens! We believe seeing first hand where your food comes from, experiencing the connection to the land, and meeting your farmers is incredibly important in this increasingly disconnected world we find ourselves living in.

Those of you who are showing your kids or even your family members of an older generation how food can be grown sustainably and with a responsible stewardship toward both the land and the farm workers is essential in the forward momentum of the organic food movement and we truly appreciate the role you play.

We hope everyone enjoyed the two tours of the farm with both Teresa & John and that you all learned every in and out of farming (we’ll be testing you later)! Teresa led everyone up the hill for a spectacular view point of the farmland and to the chickens where one child made sure to let us know a chicken or two were outside of their fence, then she guided everyone down to the high tunnels to see where we grow our peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some of our flower crops, and then over by the Brassica blocks and through the strawberry fields.

John led folks along our old & new perennial flower beds, by the artichoke block, near our pear trees, through the cane fields where our two varieties of blackberries grow under bird netting as well as our new raspberry plants. He then took everyone through the gate over into our fields we refer to as Ramons. Over there CSA members got to see the exact bed where last weeks Savoy cabbage was harvested from, our rows and rows of bunching greens, and our beautiful beds of storage onions as well as beds of flowers and lettuces.

The lunch cooked by our friend, neighbor, supporter, and fellow farmer Chef Tim Edmonds was so delicious and inspiring. He introduced us to new and interesting ways we can prepare our veggies. Who knew to cook cabbage on the grill?! We hope to get some of the recipes from Tim and pass those along to you so stay tuned… The u-pick strawberries & blackberries were so much fun and quite honestly I was surprised that some of the kids even came back with fruit in their baskets! Very appropriately though I did see fruit stains down the front of t-shirts and across faces and isn’t that the whole point?!

Maggi set up our farm stand so beautifully with summer squash, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, dry beans, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, yellow wax beans, turnips, basil, and beautiful bunches of calendula & zinnias for everyone to be able to shop for your veggies right on the farm. It hardly gets any fresher and more hyper-local than that!

Again, thanks to all who came out and helped create a wonderful experience!

If you weren’t able to join us for all the fun this last weekend please set aside September 17th on your calendar for our final Field Day of 2016. We’ll have some fun fall activities for everyone!