There’s another baby crow on the way!!!

Teresa and Mike are expecting a little crow due on February 12th! Teresa is 13 weeks along and they/we are so excited! Charlie is getting ready to be a big brother and is weaning from mom as well as not wearing a diaper for most of the daytime. How did he grow up so fast?? He will be for sure teaching his younger sibling both English and Spanish as he is already bilingual.

Other news that now seems less exciting… Our summer crops are here and taking charge! You will notice less greens in your shares including the bunching greens. The crop plan focuses this time of year on the summer abundances rather than the bunching greens. It may appear less voluminous in your boxes but the items will continue to be fun and delicious!

You got our first variety of melons this week, the Tasty Bites, and our next crops include Sarah’s Choice & Arava so keep your fingers crossed that you’ll see those in your upcoming boxes as this is all experimental! You are also getting peppers now and will see in your future shares ‘Gypsy Bell’ peppers, sweet Italian peppers, and the padrons. Our tomatoes are on in the high tunnels and you’ll probably be getting tomatoes frequently for a bit so be prepared. We have the ‘Beefsteak’ tomatoes, the ‘Sungold’ cherry, and an experimental ‘Early Girl’ outdoor crop on our leased Westland parcel down the road about a mile or so. Our outdoor tomatoes are starting to ripen as well so we shall see what they are able to produce in the coming weeks… We don’t prune the outdoor tomatoes like we do in the high tunnels and right now they look like a hedge row!

Our cucumbers have slowed way down and we do not have another planting of them so we will no longer see those in the shares. I hope you enjoyed them while you could!

What else? I’m going to go ahead and say these boxes have been really fun to pack the past two weeks with all the different colors and new fruits. And it’s been really fun tasting the product on my field walks and getting to find the perfect tasting melon or that blackberry that brings you back to being a kid. I wish I could share the raspberries with you all! They are incredible! It’s our first year of the raspberry planting so we just will not have enough of a crop to put in the CSA boxes but when you stop by our markets you just might see a pint or two on the table for purchase! Enjoy!!