It may seem like you’re getting a less “full” box and a lot of the same items in your shares lately but I want to give you as much of  the summer produce as I can while it’s here; it will be gone before we know it! Soon enough we will be back to more greens, bunching greens, roots, and brassicas so enjoy the bounty of summer!

unnamedThis will be the last of the melons 🙁 I hope you have been enjoying them and have been fortunate enough to have received more than one variety (it’s kinda the luck of the draw which melon gets in which box). We will have cherry tomatoes again for sure but right now the ‘Beefsteaks’ are rockin’ it so I’m including those again. Our outdoor ‘Early Girl’ tomatoes are just starting to produce fruit so you’ll see those in the next couple of weeks as well as our sweet corn. None of those crops will be going to markets, they are all for you!! Cross your fingers there will be enough of a yield.

We have more varieties of peppers coloring up and getting close to being harvested for you. Next week (remember that things may change) I’m planning on putting in our ‘Corno di Toro’ peppers (pictured to the left one quickly turning from green to red). They are a sweet Italian heirloom that one seed company calls “multi-talented” because it is great fried, raw, stuffed, or grilled so get ready for pepper madness! Our other peppers that you may see in future shares are “Gypsy”: the commonly recognized bell pepper, ‘Aura’: a yellow lipstick pepper, ‘Glow’: an orange lipstick, ‘Flamingo’: our ‘Gypsy” alternative, ‘Flavorburst’: a yellow bell, “Gourmet’: an orange bell, ‘Carmen’: a ‘Corno di Toro’ type’, and ‘Escamillo’: a gorgeous yellow-orange colored ‘Carmen’. We are trialing multiple varieties this year so most of these peppers are only planted in 20 foot beds rows. That mean you will all get to experience different varieties when they come to maturation!