Eating seasonally is a lost practice by most of us who are so lucky to live in an area where a huge variety of foods/nutrition are at our finger tips year round but it makes us forget that food has seasons and cycles. Isn’t it a great thing though when you find yourself sick of a food because you’ve been eating it so much and you finally see a different item show up on the market shelf? Then after a year when you first smell and taste that particular food again your senses are reawakened and wonderful, forgotten memories of a past time are evoked!

I know I said last week that the melons in your box would be the last but there is still enough in the field for everyone so you get them again! It’s melon season and they are on. They are petering out a tad, and in the blink of an eye they will be finished. You also are going to continue to see tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, & our summer crops often in the boxes. I will be sure to switch up the varieties as much as I can so your eyes and palate don’t get too bored. I really hope you are all enjoying the summer bounty that is now coming out of our Pescadero fields!