I don’t have much time to update you with farm happenings what with the start of the CSA and all the work that entails now but I can say that our winter squash got planted this week! Unfortunately it was 3-4 weeks late so lets all cross our fingers that we’ll have a successful crop that will be ready to be harvested before the frost hits it!! Last year our winter squash crop was considered a crop failure. The crop produced much less than usual and with much smaller squashes due to irrigation issues we were having at the time of sowing so we are all hoping for a different outcome this year but we can only wait and see..

We are currently redoing our recipe page on our website and invite you to help with that. If you make a recipe from our website that shows the picture to the right please take a pretty picture of your dish and send it to me. We are only asking for pictures of the recipes that need them (which are quite a few!).