Our first rains were expected to arrive this last weekend so it’s been a mad dash to get the dry beans threshed and into covered bins. Rain is not good for dry beans! We also needed to get the shallots inside under cover. They had been pulled from the field weeks ago and have been curing. The winter squash may suffer from being out in the rain too.. We’ll have to wait and see. There are only so many hands that can get everything in so we must prioritize. Plus, we have our usual tasks that need to continue to get done on top of it all! Farmers… what were we thinking?! It’s a good thing everyone drinks a lot of caffeine!

We only have seven CSA weeks after this so I’m already filling out my box ingredients lists for the rest of the season. Some of the items you will see over the next 2 months will be our winter squashes and if our harvest goes smooth you’ll have 4-5 weeks worth of our different varieties, you’ll be getting potatoes again (Yukon &/or red), storage onions (yellow & red), green beans, leeks, shallots, cabbage, rosemary, etc. Of course you’ll still get bunching greens, baby greens, apples, Early Girls, peppers, and other goodies too!