Updates from the field… We mentioned in our last newsletter we have had some irrigation challenges in our newly leased parcel.  This has led to some later plantings than hoped for but at least we were able to get the beans in the ground just in the nick of time! Unfortunately, it also means we might not be able to plant our experimental 5 acres of Quinoa this year. We have ordered a new water pump and we have our fingers crossed that by the time it ships here and can get fully hooked up and running we just may be able to plant the Quinoa in time. We’ll be sure to keep you posted so stay tuned… it’s going to be an edge of the seat thriller to see if we can make it!

Other updates- We are on Instagram!! If you haven’t started following us yet, you should! @fifthcrowfarm invites you in to our daily activities around the farm, fun pics of the little baby crows growing up so fast, and sometimes you may even get a sneak peak into the next weeks CSA box! @fifthcrowfarmflowers tells our story of our flower ladies and you’ll see all the love and care they give to growing gorgeous organic flowers.