Updates from the field…  All the winter squash have been planted and have started sprouting.  We’re planting dry beans, potatoes, winter squash, and quinoa all at our new acreage.  This has led to some unforeseen challenges.  We only acquired the lease this Spring and still don’t have an irrigation system set up.  Although we’re renting the former tenant’s pump (at a hefty $300/month) the pump has had lots of problems and we’re struggling getting things watered.  Hence, dry beans and winter squash, and quinoa are all getting in the ground behind schedule.  It’ll all eventually get sorted out, but the last month has been extremely challenging and stressful for John, who is in charge of all the irrigation systems.

Other updates- your tomatoes are looking beautiful and we’ve just started trellising.  With our new added acreage we are experimenting again with dry farmed early girls.  Cross your fingers!  We will definitely have tomatoes from our in field high tunnels (it’s so cold here in Pescadero, that outdoor tomatoes can be a bit of a gamble).  Here’s a photo of the tomatoes in the high tunnels.

This year we’ve also planted (just for you CSA members) some eggplant and melons.  Yummy things to look forward to in a couple months.