It’s so good to be back!! Have ya missed us?!

Well, we survived the rains thank goodness and we hope you did too! We find ourselves at the beginning of another storm here and I hope the CSA totes stay dry! We did unfortunately have to cancel going to markets the weekend before last due to the hazards of trying to harvest when the soils are so slippery and the danger of having the market tents flying around hitting folks on the head. We are so happy to be back at markets after the holiday and storm break.

We have just posted our job openings for the coming season and have started the interview process. It’s quiet around here with less staff in the winter but it certainly isn’t too much slower. There are always things to do at the farm. A lot of our equipment that broke in the summer has been finally getting the attention it needs for repairs, the thousands of pounds of dry beans that all get hand cleaned and sorted have kept much of the crew busy for all those rainy days, office work has been getting caught up on, dried wreaths have been getting designed and beautifully put together, and general all around cleaning up of the farm has been taking place.

Teresa, Mike, and Charlie have moved back onto the farm. They are still in the process of building their new yurt so in the meantime they moved into the Harvest Coordinators yurt (a position we have not filled for the coming season yet). Teresa is expected to have their second baby in approximately four weeks so we are all hoping their yurt gets completed and they get moved in before the little one comes.