WOW, WHAT A STORM!!! I hope everyone was able to stay safe and somewhat dry! It’s been really treacherous out there on the roads and here at the farm too. Our Westland property (where many of our winter crops are located) flooded when the creek broke over the banks. It rose 10 feet in 24 hours and receded just as quickly after the damage was done. What’s amazing is that plantings that were still very small in size didn’t get washed away! In the lowest parts near the creek our crops were covered by about 2 feet of river rushing through. Emily and Darin got good videos and photos during the flood that you can see below. John and I went back the next day to check on the aftermath and I got photos too. We were surprised to see a lot of the crops didn’t wash away. We’ll have to see if they can grow out after the stress and provide us with nutrition. There is a lot of silt deposited on the beds and road now too. We just directly sowed some beds with turnips and planted out a round of baby head lettuce two days before and half of those beds were covered in water so we’ll see if they can survive. The directly sown beds are guaranteed the seed was washed away and chances are the flooded baby heads won’t make it.

**If we happen to have another storm like that on a Thursday when Luke is out delivering the CSA shares we will change the delivery day to either Wednesday or Friday if the forecast is better for either of those days. It was too dangerous for him on the slippery roads in the big truck. Those trucks get blown around and when small cars are zipping around it can be very hazardous to be able to break in time. We don’t need to have Luke stressed out like that! He’s our relaxed, chill dude around here!