So, what’s new here? Well, we are just waiting and hoping for some drier spans of weather. The flowers are struggling with disease due to the high levels of moisture. The crops are at a stand still in their growth and we haven’t had much of a window to get out and sow spring crops. It’s looking like we will most likely have to cancel going to some markets once we hit the gap between our winter crops and the spring plantings. I will be sure to give you weekenders as much notice as I can and we will refund the boxes to your account rather than scheduling make-up boxes.

On the sunnier side of things I took a stroll in the sunshine the other day and got really excited to see all our strawberry plantings leafing out. So that’s something we can all look forward too!

We are on pins and needles waiting for Teresa’s baby crow #2 to arrive. She is now officially overdue by 10-12 days so any moment we can expect to see their car zoom outta here. It takes 1.5 hours to get from the farm to the birthing center so she is instructed to go as soon as her contractions are closer together. It is sounding like they will induce her tomorrow if she doesn’t go into labor tonight. Charlie was two weeks late so Teresa is calm but she is ready! Thankfully Mike got their yurt finished in time and they moved in a couple weeks ago. They still have things to finish on the yurt but everything can wait until further down the road. Mike has been back at work now fixing and repairing all the equipment that broke last season. It’s been nice to have him back. I’ve taken over more responsibility here to ease Teresa’s load as she begins her maternity leave and to help John out as both Mike and Teresa will be taking time once the baby comes so that leaves him with a lot of work. Some of these newsletters may be a bit shorter now because of my extra tasks.

I have been working alongside our amazing website designer and manager (who is a fellow CSA member of yours) to revamp our produce and recipe pages on our website. You may have noticed that those pages got taken down last season. The produce page is back up with some new pics and new crops. We’re still working on getting more crop descriptions and photos up to showcase the diversity of food we grow and for you to be able to use our website as a resource to learn more about your produce.

The recipe page is back up and running too (yay!) but we only have a few photos attached to the recipes. We invite you to help us add to our website. We welcome you to take pictures of the recipes you cook that are without photos. Email the photo to me along with the name of the recipe. We are focusing on the existing recipes that are on already on the website, not the ones I’m including in the newsletters (unless it is a linked recipe to our website) but of course I still encourage you to share photos of other recipes. I have mentioned that I’ve been living without a kitchen for a year now and I’m pleased to announce that I’m moving into a new place with a full size fridge AND an oven next weekend! I’m really excited to start cooking again and will be trying out some of these recipes and taking photos too. Anyone have a kitchen table I could eat at though? Time to go garage sale-ing!